Why You Need a Professional Home Network Setup

Today’s Smart, Connected Homes Need Higher Level Solutions

In ultra-connected Los Angeles, there's seemingly no end to the smart devices you may have. From your ever-present smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the connected refrigerator and smart lighting, all these indispensable devices need reliable connectivity to do their magic. Is your home network setup up to the task of managing them all? 

Imagine your frustration if your video call suddenly freezes during an important meeting or the movie you're streaming in your media room with your friends starts stuttering. If you're still relying on the default network installation from your internet service provider (ISP), you might need an upgrade. Let's explore how a professional home network setup can help. 


The Limitations of ISP Solutions

Many California residents trust the wireless network, modem, and router combo provided by their ISP. While these might seem sufficient initially, they're often generic, one-size-fits-all solutions. Given the diverse construction types in LA, from modern condos to vintage bungalows to sprawling mansions, these standard setups might not deliver optimal performance everywhere.

Moreover, ISPs often prioritize cost over quality. Their equipment, bought in large quantities for cost-efficiency, might not offer the best performance. So, if you have a tech-heavy house with multiple devices running simultaneously, you might find these solutions falling short.

The Advantages of a Custom Home Network Setup

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of your home's size, layout, and the number of devices currently in use. Experts then forecast potential growth, considering future tech purchases or smart home expansions. With this comprehensive understanding, they recommend, design, and install routers, switches, and wireless access points that blanket your property with robust, reliable connectivity. Every home in Los Angeles has its own character, from sleek high-rise apartments to charming Spanish-style bungalows. A custom network setup takes into account the specific layout and construction materials of your home. This ensures that thick walls or multiple floors don't impede your Wi-Fi signal.

Additionally, not all devices are created equal. While streaming a movie on your smart TV, you wouldn't want a background device update to cause buffering. A custom setup can prioritize traffic, ensuring bandwidth-intensive tasks get the lion's share when needed. 

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Beyond just installation, a custom setup can also offer ongoing support. Remote monitoring services can detect and address issues often before they become noticeable. This proactive approach means less time troubleshooting and more time enjoying your connected lifestyle.

Are you to supercharge your home network setup? Click the chat box at the bottom of this page to connect with one of our expert staff quickly. We look forward to working with you!   

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