Discover the Luxury and Convenience of Smart Home Automation

Transform Your Newport Beach Home with Cutting-Edge Innovation

What do you get when you merge seamless comfort with cutting-edge innovation? A smart home. 

Today’s technology pairs luxury and convenience to deliver what was once a futuristic dream—automated tasks that remove unneeded burdens from our daily lives. Newport Beach, CA, homeowners can experience smart home automation for themselves. There’s no need to worry that installing smart solutions is wasting money on a short-timed trend; smart home technology is an investment in greater simplicity for everyday living.

Our expert team at Wired Media Solutions is ready to guide you in planning and implementing a custom smart home system that matches your lifestyle and everyday needs. Continue reading to learn how smart home automation can make life easier.

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The Kitchen

Your kitchen is a wonderful place to start your smart technology makeover. Here are a few ways smart home technology can stir up some efficiency in the kitchen:

  • Adjust lights using smart lighting controls to illuminate essential work areas when chopping or cooking on the stovetop.
  • Open motorized shades using a remote control from across the room to check on children playing in the yard.
  • Enjoy your favorite music as you clean up after dinner, using a whole-home audio system managed with voice control even when your hands are full.


Enhance your family's bedroom routines with smart technology. Consider these smart home features to improve comfort in your bedrooms:

  • Mimic the sun’s natural rising with lights that slowly brighten in the morning to balance your circadian rhythms for a more energized day.
  • Control the volume of your teenager’s playlist remotely using your whole-home audio control––no more disturbances when guests arrive.
  • Create a serene and distraction-free environment before bedtime by hiding your TV automatically with motorized lifts.
  • Schedule lights in all bedrooms to turn off from your smart home’s control panel, making bedtime routines more convenient and easier to manage.

Family Room

Your family room is often the center of household activities and can benefit from an automation transformation. Here's how you can enhance family time with smart controls:

  • Stop the sun's heat with the touch of a button that triggers your motorized shades to close, keeping your room at a comfortable temperature.
  • Set the mood for relaxing post-dinner conversations by dimming the lights using smart lighting controls.
  • Avoid searching for the remote control when you integrate all your media technologies into a centralized app or tablet.
  • Call the family together for a fun game night using your whole home audio system as an intercom instead of going from room to room.

We hope these examples of use cases for smart home automation in your Newport Beach, CA, home have spurred some ideas for how you can enrich your daily routines with technology. If you're ready to learn more, contact our team at Wired Media Solutions to guide you through your options and receive a personalized quote. It’s time to embrace the future of home automation!

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